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Sea Cucumber

Wholesale sea cucumber

Mother nature has presented a cure for several conditions inside the sort of sea cucumbers. Sea cucumbers or Gamat (because it is known in Asia) are cylindrical invertebrates that stay all through the worlds' oceans. These nocturnal animals have a daily life span of 5-10 many years.

There are about 2000 species of different colours but study has shown the most nutritional and pure species would be the golden gamat or Stichopus hermanii. These exceptional sea animals can rejuvenate them selves when mutilated. Gamat that has been reduce into two and thrown back in the sea will carry on developing as two independent gamats.

North America wild sea cucumber
Even though broadly employed as traditional drugs from the Chinese and Malays for additional than 500 several years, modern science is simply now learning about this impressive creature.
Dietary Benefit
Gamat is rich in collagen and mucopolysaccharide (MPS). They are particularly successful in strengthening skin look, healing wounds and likewise essential towards the wholesome operating of joints.
Additionally, it contains Chondroitin sulphate & Glucosamine (GAGs). These help decrease inflammation and has immunomodulating effects.
The Omega-3, minerals and active elements of gamat help in protecting the heart, regulating cholesterol and glucose levels, has anti microbial and anti-tumor properties.
Through extensive research, feedbacks and testimonies, it continues to be proven that gamat is specifically useful in treating those with skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis, breathing problems such as asthma, arthritis, and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases.
Gamat has helped heal wounds after surgery and after delivery. It has also helped many suffering from cancer.


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